One: Deference

Domineering martial arts instructor Honda has a terrible secret. He must find someone who will submit to him, no questions asked. Someone strong enough to handle his raging and spiraling needs that endanger his wife Yuki. 

Hot-tempered and sharp-witted Lana is the perfect match and he picks her to become his submissive. Not one to turn down a challenge that allows her to tread into the waters of her deepest desires, Lana accepts his indecent proposal.

Their affair spreads like wildfire and lits another blaze, this time between Lana and Yuki. Unable to ignore the strong pull she feels toward Yuki, Lana embraces what the couple offers her. But for Lana, Honda’s extreme demands do more than meet her darkest needs. Something inside her is triggered and stirs.

But when an earthquake strikes Tokyo and leads Lana to move in with her partners, it’s not just buildings that crack, but the Veil of reality itself. Creepy encounters with strange neighbors leave Lana on edge. Even worse, her spiraling and out-of-control lust makes her question her own sanity.

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An alluring and thrilling saga

Submission will tame her temper
but unleash her true power.

“This book is unlike anything I have ever read before. Not only in the sense of the story line, but the characters, the lifestyles, everything was so unique. This book was descriptive, it was steamy, it was disciplined, and it was insightful.”  –  Amazon reviewer

“Gripping  and compelling.” – Amazon reviewer

“Stories like this are the reason I read.” – Amazon reviewer

“This book is reshaping genre boundaries with strong, powerful story of unconventional love and diverse ethical, spiritual, and cultural norms.” – Goodreads reviewer


A rousing and emotional series

Dutiful devotion will heal
cursed bodies and souls.

“Stories like this are the reason I read.” – Amazon reviewer

“A beautiful journey that has made me  a lot more tolerant.” – Goodreads reviewer

“Their story (and desires) lights up the pages.” – Wattpad reviewer

Two: Dread

An unexpected discovery leads Lana, Honda and Yuki to rethink their relationship. Meanwhile, shapeless and mortal danger looms on the horizon, forcing Honda to finally confess to Lana why he chose her.

To her horror, their boundless thirst has dark, cursed roots, and they have no choice: only together will they stand a chance to defeat the heinous monsters stalking them and put an end to the spiraling madness engulfing them.

Desperate to protect her most precious treasure against timeless forces bent on destroying them, Lana takes a radical decision in relation to Yuki and attempts to let go of her traumatic past.

As a terrible storm gathers above their heads, the time for secret is over:  the trio must come out clean with their powerful clans if they want a chance at a real future together.

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Three: Deliverance

Pure joy and sweet bliss mingling with utter horror and heartbreaking agony. Pristine snow turns red during the first hours of the New Year in the snowy countryside of Nikko.

Harrowing sacrifice allows a battered Lana and her mournful companions to begin a new life as a family. Healing is a slow process, though, and Lana battles with herself to understand her new identity and family dynamics.

But true deliverance and peace will come only when she confronts her real enemy.

Available in ebook and paperback!
Read the raving reviews on Goodreads!


A sensual and fulfilling story

Compassion and boundless desire
will set them free.

“Beautiful, hooking, touching writing.”

“A whole new approach to explicit scenes, nothing I have ever read before, shamelessly and absolutely refreshing.”