There’s a L in LGBTQ

*cracks knuckles* Alright, let me talk about F/F romance tonight. I’ve read a lot of incredibly asinine stuff over the past 2 days. For some, F/F is a trigger warning or that w/o a guy in the middle, there’s no ‘romance’ (but ofc M/M is fine).

If you invalid the reality of people falling in love, supporting each other, willing to spend a night or their life together only bc there is no d*ck involved, if you can read and gush over the darkest kinks but can’t handle 2 ladies pleasuring each other, the problem is you.

And you know, calling it valid doesn’t mean you’re down for it. Nobody asks you to question your identity, but to accept the reality of such relationships and the necessity to have books (from wholesome to incredibly smutty) that depict them and are read by a larger audience.

And now let’s talk about women. Bisexuals have it even worse than gay and lesbians bc basically everyone wants them to choose sides (there are no sides, only people you fall for or you don’t, but welp). F/F romance can ofc feature bi women. It’s totally valid, too.

But what happens when you throw into the mix? Funny how RH is now an accepted sub-theme in romance, incl. PNR. Sometimes the men are bi, sometimes not, but it doesn’t really bother readers as long as they love the lady. But if you write about a M/F/F ? Hmm…

As if this could be only a *male* fantasy, where any F/F action is only there to please the male ego among other things. Cue in *bisexual* ladies: those women can be delighted to have 2 partners, too, whom they desire and cherish. It doesn’t make their F/F love any less valid.

I’m exploring this at great lengths in my trilogy. The M/F, the F/F and the M/F/F dynamics. But at the end, the reason why it works is bc my second F lead wants it more than anything else. She’s a Queen, the real powerhouse of my story and no amount of bi erasure will change it.

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