Oh, and not only romance

Why do I write ? Because I think it’s worth exploring this key side of a characters, of their personality and relationships. Because if written properly, it can reveal much about them, their drives and dynamics.

Don’t get me wrong. Clean romance is valid. Asexual romance is valid. Aromantism is valid. But let me explain why explicit, steamy, downright erotic romance is also needed. Actually let me make the case for more explicit scenes in other genres, too.

We had a lengthy discussion with my hubby. My book was the first ‘romance’-labelled story he had ever read. He was blasted by how much he could connect with my MCs bc of the way I wrote those steamy scenes. Suddenly it made so much sense to see what happened behind the door.

Erotic-whatever (romance, scifi, fantasy, thriller) isn’t for everyone. But you explore the psyche, past, trauma, hopes, needs, issues, joys, pains of your MCs with scenes where they literally bare themselves. Not just their bodies, their souls, too.

Cue in its particular relevance for women empowerment. Yes, if you include it in your identity, sex should be empowering. And depicting sex-positivity where women embrace this part of themselves without being degraded or shamed for it has never been more important.

I say women, but everyone is concerned. It is important to celebrate the desires (from lack of it, to vanilla and kinky) of everyone in the large spectrum of human sexuality. But people identifying as women are *raised* with the notion they shouldn’t like it. Shouldn’t want it.

And if written properly, in full respect of everyone’s choices, with full CONSENT and without fetishism, all erotic-whatever genres can also help educate and spread knowledge and understanding about sexual minorities or non-standard relationships (such as polyamory).

So NO, I’m not advocating for sexing-up everything. I’m talking here about stories for adults, about adults, and why I’m particularly proud to see the reactions of readers who finish my books with a broader and more tolerant mind (on top of a serious hitch).

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