Age and occupation matter, too

Diversity in writing is of course about sexual orientation and identity, ethnicity and culture, mental and physical health, but also age, social class, job, family status. We all need to see ourselves in a story.

Not just an ‘ideal’ self, or a ‘fairy-tale’ self where we slay dragons, marry the alpha and overthrow dictatorship. Yes, books are also for escaping, but not only.

Yes, books are for escaping, but not only.

They’re also about inspiration & validation.

About seeing others in similar situations making choices that you didn’t think were possible to make. You need MCs who are a bit like you to get into that mental space. It’s all about being ‘relatable’, isn’t it?

So give me your hardworking 43 yo divorced mom of 2 whose Volvo gets totaled by a clumsy insurance seller with impossible grey eyes and who is just what she needs for the weekend. Give me your 39 yo Mexican researcher with a PhD in astrophysics who takes jujitsu classes on Tuesday and can’t get her eyes off her rolling partner who’s got all the right curves in all the right places. If only she wasn’t blond, 22 and married.

Give me a real slice of humanity.

So yep, my Lana is maybe hard to like. Bossy & bitchy, she has no respect for dickheads and embraces what she finds out about her deepest cravings. As for Yuki… well… who has never wished they had a powerful queen with a perfect sense of self-awareness in their lives?

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