Because it doesn’t stop at 25

This popped up in my head after reading yet another thread on social media about what’s trending in the publishing industry.

Why did I write TEMPER?

I needed a story with kickass women in their 40s proud of their life choices & desires, who don’t see motherhood as the end of their sex life, don’t apologize for their career, who love and are loved fiercely yet respectfully.

Yep, maybe a bit like me, ok.

And yes representation matters in media for all women, including for those of us who aren’t in the ‘golden’ (🤮) age bracket anymore, who get hate and shade for daring to exist and embrace their desires even when they are ‘supposed’ to shut up, stay in the kitchen and raise the kids.

So no, I won’t apologize for writing a steamy, scorching hot story where everyone involved is 40+ because YES *shocking news* men can also deeply love and care for strong women as their life partner(s). Not all of them have a fixation (🤮) on barely legal young women.

I’m aware it means my book will never be picked by an agent/publisher because even NA needs to become YA to sell these days (wtf). But seriously, it’s not just queer teenagers who need to see themselves go on an adventure, suffer hardship and grow.

Coming-of-age stories are needed but people, if this means ‘growing’ and ‘finding your path’, lemme tell you a secret. It doesn’t stop at 21.

Finding yourself, embracing your identity is something you do all your life.

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